foundation firstAn approach that keeps evolution in mind.

01 Foundation

Just like with any building, a digital product needs a strong foundation to build on. We achieve this through workshop-style sessions and collaboration with you and your team to define the vision, identify high-level features of your product, and provide an cost-effective timeline to complete MVP definition.

We recognize the valuable insight needed to create a proper plan and define a product path. With that in mind, we work cross-functionally with our product, design, and development people involved from start to finish, rather than in separate phases. We've found this to be the most successful way to unearth the nuances of any features, potential constraints, and solutions and build a truly solid foundation for digital products.

skills and Assets in play
  • Vision Roadmap
  • MVP Definition
  • Cost Optimization
  • Product Feature Definition
Target Customers Discovery
Competitive Analysis
Customer Journey Workflows
Foundation Workshops
02 Visualize

Once our Foundation step is completed, our team works to shape and design a high-fidelity prototype to test with users before moving into implementation. This allows for assumptions and ideas to be tested and worked out prior to investing in the actual product being built. We do this so we can make sure our defined vision direction is set up for success for all involved.

skills and Assets in play
  • Design Sprint Workshops
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Systems
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
03 Planning

We believe in starting and building small features in order to create solid digital foundations for growth that don't sacrifice the user experience. Once your product has been through the Foundation and Visualize steps, we then move forward with detailing out the high level plan formed to streamline the implementation.

skills and Assets in play
  • Product Management
  • User Story Creation
  • Capacity planning + Testing
  • Feature Roadmapping
  • Feature Prioritizing
04 Implement

At this point we get building with the specific tools and technology found to be the best path forward during the Foundation and Planning steps. We give you progress reports when we reach defined milestones, and provide demos to see the progress happen on the way to the Minimal Viable Product launch.

skills and Assets in play
  • Platform Development
  • Acceptance Testing
  • API Design
  • Modern Cloud Infrastructure
  • Technical Architecture
  • Custom Software Integrations
  • Independent code review
05 Launch

In the first weeks of launching the initial version of your product, we make sure that our lines of communication are open to assist in any way needed. Our development and product teams will be ready for any changes required as your product is rolled out and brought to life.

skills and Assets in play
  • Stand-by Incident Response
  • Monitoring, alerting, analytics
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Product Insights and Reporting
06 Evolve & Maintain

After the launch of your MVP product, a dedicated team of designers and developers, led by a product manager, continue to evolve the product through the Feature Roadmap defined during our Planning step.

If no new development is needed on your product, we will continue to support the product and any maintenance needed, usually through annual support contracts.

skills and Assets in play
  • Product Management
  • Monitoring and Support
  • Continuous Integration
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